Organic Glass Pendant Lighting

Breathe life into your home with a truly unique Pendant Light by SØKTAS. These beautiful, hand-blown glass creations bring a warm, welcoming ambience to any home, sure to impress.
 Three Pendant Lights in a modern kitchen

Hand-Crafted with Passion

Each light is crafted by Oliver to be a one-of-a-kind item, shaped and handblown from molten glass at temperatures exceeding 1000° C into a signature style. Every new piece carries flaws and imperfections, adding character and assuring that no two pendants will ever be the same.
Gold Coast Lighting Store.
Three Pendants in "Small Victories"

Versatile Pendant Light

Whether they’re brought to a busy space or into the privacy of your home, Pendant Lights bring about a certain aesthetic that exemplifies class and style without sacrificing light durability, brightness or clarity.
Pendant Lights in "Absolute Tattoos"

Exquisitely Crafted

Made of pristine Swedish clear glass and complimented by a traditional filament bulb, these Pendants are designed to astonish. Organic waves and curves of the glass refract light in unexpected, erratic and beautiful ways.
Two Pendants hanging in "Bayleaf"

Harmony of Form and Function

Fitting to both modern and traditionally-styled spaces, a SØKTAS Pendant is sure to add a distinguished feel to the room it graces. Forged with skills passed down through generations, with the finest materials available. Dare to turn your light into a statement.
Pendant Light in Kitchens
Glass Pendant Lights3 Pendant Lights