VØLT Tea- Pendant Light (Limited Release)

VØLT Tea- Pendant Light (Limited Release)

V Ø L T Tea Pendant Light (Limited Release)
Designed and Handmade individually by Oliver Höglund

VØLT Pendant Light includes a hand-blown glass shade, 2m flex cord, roof canopy, E27 lampholder & a complementary LED filament 4w dimmable bulb.

Medium - Approx. Dimensions:(cm) Height: 23 - 27 x Width: 16 - 20 (Weight: 1.0 kg)

Large - Approx. Dimensions:(cm) Height: 28 - 32 x Width: 16 - 20 (Weight: 1.4kg)
X-Large - Approx. Dimensions:(cm) Height: 33 - 36 x Width: 18 - 22 (Weight: 1.6kg)

Install Guide for ceiling heights:
Medium VØLT - 220cm (7 Foot) and above.
Large VØLT - 260cm (8.5 Foot) and above.
Extra Large VØLT - 300cm (10 Foot) and above.

Molten hot glass shaped and hand-blown at one thousand degrees celsius. An organic warped teardrop shape made with quality Swedish clear glass to dress a traditional filament bulb. The long filaments shine and refract off the contours of the VØLT pendant to give a unique one of a kind lighting design. The free formation design ensures that no two pieces are the same, giving you a truly aesthetic piece for your space.

Modern & contemporary pendant lights for residential, hospitality, commercial & architectural builds.

Designed in 2015.

24 Month Warranty Included from date of purchase*
Glass dimensions may vary slightly due to handmade process*

If you need the glass to be similar heights, please let us know.

Lead time: 8 - 12 weeks. (Made to order)

Ceiling Mount: 80mm Diameter x 35mm Height

Complies with all Australian & New Zealand Standards.
230/240V 50HZ 60Watts Max.
Must be installed by a certified electrician.

*All prices are in Australian Dollar.